Living from Intention

Intentionality is the key to your Dream Life

Through intentional living, I was able to build a career and retire by age 32. I then spent 3 years living a 100% nomadic lifestyle. Now I live in Orlando while I prepare to foster teenagers. Adventure is the word that best describes my life, and I love every minute of it - truly.

I work virtually with people like you to intentionally and strategically discover what your word is and design a life you love.
Plug your contact information in below if you want to receive periodic inspiration, travel stories, lessons I've learned, strategic living tips and info about and experiences I curate around the world.

PS :  Aside from the aliens and mermaids (^_-) I would NEVER share your information with anyone without your permission. I also promise I will only email you when I have something valuable to share. Cross my heart.
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